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8/14/2018 - 08/14/2018 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program

Town of Hamden (Hamden Police Department)
Traffic & Officer Safety Program

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program
FY 2018 Local Solicitation

The Town of Hamden (Hamden Police Department) is requesting to purchase 2 new 2019 FLHTP Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles that will be used by members of the Traffic Division who have been trained, licensed and certified in their use. The units will be used when investigating motor vehicle accidents, enforcing traffic laws, providing escorts, and community related functions. The motorcycles will replace 2 older models that will be traded-in to offset the expenses of the purchase price.

The Town of Hamden (Hamden Police Department) is requesting to purchase services for the removal and installation of the emergency lighting systems for the Police Motorcycles as well as a graphics package for each unit. The emergency lighting packages are being removed from the older models and installed on the new motorcycles as a cost savings measure and the graphics packages will clearly identify the motorcycles as property of the Hamden Police Department.

The Town of Hamden (Hamden Police Department) is also requesting to purchase Traffic Safety supplies that will be used by sworn members while performing traffic related duties on our roadways.

The following 10 Project identifiers will be associated with the program:

- Geo-mapping - Community Policing
- Policing - Traffic Enforcement
- Officer Safety - Equipment - General
- Community Based Programs - Computer software/hardware
- Crime Prevention - Vehicles – Police Motorcycles

The Hamden Police Department does not have pending applications submitted within the last 12 months for federally funded assistance that include requests for funding to support the same projects being proposed under this solicitation and will cover the identical cost items outlined in the budget narrative and worksheet in the application under this solicitation.

The proposed programs/application for JAG funding is respectfully being submitted to the Town of Hamden Council members on 09/04/2018 with a formal request for their review and subsequent action. Due to time constraints with regards to submitting this application to BJA, this applicant had to submit this application while still awaiting approval and acceptance by the Town Council. This application was also posted on the Police Department’s website on 08/14/2018, to allow an opportunity for public comment by the citizens of Hamden and/or any community organizations.

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