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1/19/2023 - 1/19/23 - Vehicle Thefts

Hamden Police - News Release

DATE: 1/19/2023

CONTACT: Sgt. Angela Vey-Public Information Officer

PHONE: 203-230-3767

PIO #: 23-001

In December 2022, the Hamden Police Department received 34 stolen motor vehicle complaints. Fourteen of these vehicles were either left running, or had the keys left inside the vehicle.  Of the 34 reported stolen, 2 were Kia’s and 13 were Hyundai brand vehicles. Many of these type vehicles do not have an immobilizer system, which is a useful piece of electronic security technology that acts as a deterrent to vehicle theft. Owners of vehicles without an immobilizer system are recommended and encouraged to obtain and use a steering wheel lock.

To help deter theft, owners should roll up their windows, take all valuables out of their vehicles, lock doors and take the key or fob with them. Try to park in well-lit areas or a garage if available. In the event outdoor parking is the only option, owners should consider installing motion-sensor lights.

If you own a Kia or Hyundai, consider reaching out to your local dealership for additional guidance.


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