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8/24/2023 - 8/24/23 - Motor Vehicle Enforcement Campaign

Hamden Police - News Release

DATE: 8/24/23

CONTACT: Sgt. Angela Vey-Public Information Officer

PHONE: 203-230-3767

PIO #: 23-046 Motor Vehicle Enforcement

Motor Vehicle Enforcement Campaign

Beginning on August 1, 2023, Hamden Police Department began a motor vehicle enforcement campaign to help promote safe driving in town. The campaign is in collaboration with the Connecticut Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office, and the 2023 Speed & Aggressive Driving Enforcement.

To date the Police Department has assigned Officers to 22 areas where Officers have engaged in enforcement of traffic violations, including those for Speeding, Traveling Unreasonably Fast, Failure to Obey Posted Speed Limit Signs, Stop Sign, Seat Belt, & Red Lights violations, Cell Phone Violations, Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Operating with a Suspended License. We will continue to deploy Officers into areas to conduct motor enforcement as part of this safe driving campaign.

A total of 164 Motor Vehicle Stops have been conducted to date, with the following outcomes of those stops:

Verbal warnings – 127

Written warnings – 12

Infractions – 24

Misdemeanor/Summons - 1

With the school year quickly approaching, Police Officers will continue to focus much of their efforts in school zones and near school bus stops.

Please remember to slow down, stay alert, and help keep children safe during this school year.


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