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7/21/2019 - 7/21/19-Multiple Shooting Incidents – State Street/Warner Street and Mott Street/Dixwell Avenue (Hamden Park Drive and First Street)


Date:  July 21, 2019
Contact:  Captain Ronald Smith

Phone:  (203) 230-4029

PIO#: 19-100

 On July 18, 2019 at approximately 6:30p.m. Hamden Police responded to the area of State Street and Ridge Road on the report of “shots fired.”

Witnesses reported that the occupants of 2 motor vehicles were “shooting at each other.” Witnesses further reported that numerous gunshots were fired. There were no reported injuries.

Officers searched the area, but were unsuccessful at locating the suspects. Remnants of the shooting were located along State Street.

On July 19th at approximately 10:15p.m. Hamden Police responded to the area of Warner Street on the report of a shooting.

Investigation revealed that multiple gunshots were fired in the area of Warner Street and Mott Street. Bullets struck several parked vehicles on Warner Street and Mott Street. 

On July 20th at approximately 2:00a.m. Hamden Police again responded to the report of “shots fired” in the area of Dixwell Avenue and Hamden Park Drive. 

Investigation revealed that the shooting involved occupants in 2 motor vehicles. Numerous gunshots were fired in the vicinity of Dixwell Avenue, between Hamden Park Drive and First Street. Two bullet holes were located inside of a Dixwell Avenue residence. One of the bullets entered a family room, where 3 small children were sleeping. Another bullet entered a wall “a few feet above one of the children” There were no reported injuries. 

The Hamden Police Department Detective Division is conducting the investigations. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Matthew Barbuto at (203) 287-4807. 
Hamden Police have increased patrols throughout town. 


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