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9/3/2019 - 9/3/19- Cruelty to Animals - Abandoned Dog - Mix Avenue


The health of the “Yorkshire Terrier Mix” has improved considerably since August 13th. The dog was suffering from a severe case of “ epidermal necrosis”, a skin condition which damages the skin. This condition has been corrected by surgery and the use of antibiotics. 

The dog’s overall clinical evaluation has improved, as well as his appetite and disposition. A portion of his fur has grown back. The Hamden Animal Control Division is hopeful that the dog will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. 

The Hamden Police Department and Hamden Animal Control Division would once again like to thank “Running for Rescues” and the vast number of concerned citizens who assisted in the dogs recovery.   

I have attached a few recent photographs of the “Yorkshire Terrier Mix.”




Date:  August 23, 2019
Contact:  Captain Ronald Smith

Phone:  (203) 230-4029

PIO#: 19-109

 On August 13, 2019 Hamden Animal Control Division responded to 670 Mix Avenue on the report of an “abandoned dog.”

A concerned citizen advised ACO Christopher Smith that he had observed a dog tied to the exterior of the apartment building. The dog appeared to have been abandoned. 

Upon securing the dog in a crate, ACO Smith observed that the dog could not sit and that it was in a great deal of pain. Further observation revealed that the dog was suffering from a severe skin condition. The dog was immediately transported to the North Haven Animal Hospital. 

Animal Control Officers were advised that upon examination, the dog was suffering from a skin condition, caused by either an autoimmune disease or chemical/thermal burn. In addition, both ears were infected and needed to be partially amputated. The dog was underweight and dehydrated. According to the veterinarian, the dog had this condition for “at least 2 weeks.” The dog is described as a “Yorkshire Terrier Mix”, approximately 3 years of age. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Control Officer Christopher Smith (203) 230-4080 or the Hamden Police Department at (203) 230-4000.

The Hamden Animal Control Division and Hamden Police Department would like to express our gratitude to “Running for Rescues” in Middletown who have generously agreed to assist with the veterinary care. 


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