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1/28/2020 - 1/28/20-Preventive Tips - Purse Snatching


Date: January 28, 2020

Contact: Captain Ronald Smith

Phone: (203) 230-4029

PIO#: 20-12

Due to the recent spike in purse related thefts, the Hamden Police Department would like to provide the following preventive tips:

- If possible, leave your purse at home. Carry essentials, such as money, credit cards and identification in your pockets.
- If you decide to carry a purse, the purse should contain what you specifically need. For example, if you plan on using a credit card to make a purchase, carry only the credit card that you plan to use.
- Walk in an area that is illuminated and populated.
- Be aware of your surroundings. Make eye contact with the person that is approaching you. Thieves tend to “strike and run.” Try not to appear vulnerable.
- Hold your purse tightly and close to your body. Secure your purse. Your purse should be latched or zippered. Shorten the strap if possible.
- Carry your purse under your jacket. Limit exposure.
- Don’t leave your purse unattended in a shopping cart.
- If someone “pulls” at your purse, let it go. Don’t expose yourself to serious physical injury.


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