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3/13/2020 - 3/13/20- A message from Chief Cappiello- COVID- 19


Date: March 13, 2020

Contact: Captain Ronald Smith

Phone: (203) 230-4029

PIO#: 20-34

A message from Hamden Police Chief John Cappiello:

The Hamden Police Department is working to ensure that we do all we can to minimize exposure to Coronavirus and slow the rate of infection among all residents and our staff so that we can ensure that we’re ready to serve and protect you.

In order to do our part, we will be making some minor adjustments to the way they will conduct routine non-emergency business. Be assured, the Hamden Police Department will respond to every public safety related call as it traditionally does, the following issues relate to non-emergencies only.

- The front lobby of Police Headquarters will be closed to the general public.

- All civilian fingerprinting will be temporarily suspended.

- Non-emergency, routine calls for service, may be responded to at this time via a telephone call from a police officer. If any additional attention is needed, an officer will respond.

- In non-emergency situations, residents are encouraged to please CALL AHEAD (203-230-4000) before coming to the police department. This will help us to more efficiently address your non-emergency need and follow recommended ways to reduce the spread of infection by reducing unnecessary contact. If you need to come, we will be here to serve you.

- This will in NO WAY effect emergency, fire, or EMS calls, alarms, incidents “in-progress” or any potential crime prevention action taken by Hamden Police Department.

- The Records Division will be temporarily closed to the public.  All accident reports may be purchased online at    

Contact Us

  • (203)230-4000
  • 2900 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, CT
Hamden PD, Patch

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