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Crime Scene Unit

The Crime Scene Unit is the CSI Unit for the Hamden Police Department. Though not as glamorous as today’s popular television shows, the CSU (Crime Scene Unit) assists detectives with processing major crime scenes and evidence collection. The Crime Scene Unit responds to major crime scenes to capture photographs of the scene, process the scene for fingerprints, and collect physical evidence. The Crime Scene Unit will also assist in photographing major injury and fatality accidents. Our CSU may collect such evidence as hairs, fibers, DNA, and firearm evidence and submit to the State Police or the FBI for further examination. The Crime Scene Unit’s fingerprint examiners compare latent prints developed at the scene to fingerprints of known suspects. In some cases, the staff of the Crime Scene Unit may be required to testify in court to findings recovered from the crime scene. In addition, the Crime Scene Unit is responsible for archiving booking photographs, or "mug shots". The Unit also handles the fingerprinting and photographing processes for License to Carry Firearms and employment purposes.  



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